Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC)

The Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC) is an advisory committee to the Pueblo School District 60 Board of Education with respect to the bond issue supported by voters on November 5, 2019. The CBAC is responsible for becoming familiar with the 2019 Bond Program projects, actively monitoring the progress of the projects, and reporting the status of the Bond Program to the Board of Education on a quarterly basis. Such monitoring and reporting are intended to provide a high level of accountability and communication on behalf of the Board of Education to the citizens of Pueblo School District 60.

The specific responsibilities of the CBAC are to:
  • Actively monitor the status of all Bond Program projects through information provided by district staff and provide feedback as appropriate;
  • Participate in scheduled site visits during construction;
  • Review with district staff any significant revisions to the master schedule and the scope and budget of projects;
  • Prepare and present quarterly and annual reports to the Board of Education that represent a consensus of the CBAC membership. Such reports shall review progress on completion of Bond Program projects, expenditures of bond funds, and implementation of ballot language approved by the voters.
  • These responsibilities shall continue through completion of all 2019 Bond Program projects, culminating with a final summary report to the Board of Education.

Officers – Chair and Vice Chair:
The CBAC will elect a Chair and a Vice Chair on an annual basis. The Chair, or in their absence Vice Chair, will preside at CBAC meetings, call special meetings and perform other necessary duties. The Chair, in collaboration with the Superintendent or designee, will establish the agenda for each meeting.

Meeting minutes will be taken and published on the 2019 Bond Program website within ten (10) working days of approval. To the extent possible, all handouts at each meeting also will be made available through the website. Should a member of the public not have Internet access and desire a copy of any meeting minutes or handouts, such will be supplied upon request at no charge by the D60 Communications Department.