Board of Education statement on rejection of fact-finding report

On Thursday, April 12, the Pueblo City Board of Education voted to reject the fact-finder’s
recommendations regarding a retroactive cost-of-living adjustment for our teachers and

The fact that the Board was split on this vote indicates just how difficult and heart-wrenching it
was. It in no way reflects on how much we respect our teachers and acknowledge the need to
compensate them fairly.

Though the Board was split on the decision to reject the fact-finder’s report, we agree on many
  • We value our employees and the quality education they provide to our students each and every day.
  • As stewards of taxpayer dollars, we have a fiduciary responsibility to develop a realistic budget in these times of declining enrollment and competing financial needs, including our critical capital needs.
  • We want to move forward as a team with our employee associations to solve our dire financial problems and adopt a budget for next year that reflects our values and our fiscal realities.
We respectfully request that we work together to develop a budget and contract language for
2018-19 based on the newly adopted four-day work week that was strongly supported by all
stakeholders. We expect this budget to contain a staffing model that reflects our budgetary limitations as well as allocating a portion of any savings to compensation, including cost-of-
living increases.