Compensation Offer to PEA

Good Afternoon Staff,

As we work to resolve our dispute with PEA and PPEA, I want to make sure that you receive timely and accurate information about our efforts. To that end, I want to inform you of an offer I made to PEA leadership this morning.

You have heard about the difficult budget situation we find ourselves in, and as I explained in my correspondence yesterday, funding from the state depends on many factors, and the amount the District receives can vary from year-to-year. In those years when the state provides more, we try to do more for our employees. Although the school finance act has not been finalized for the 2018-19 school year, indications are that funding may be increased this year.

Consequently, I am prepared to recommend to the Board the following compensation package for all of our teachers for the 2018-19 school year:

·         A one-time payment equal to 1% of salary paid June 2018 (We shared that this could look like 1% of your salary in a one-time payment, or a one-time equal payment of $500 to all teachers)

·         Steps and lane movement on the salary schedule for 2018-2019;

·         A COLA equal to 2.25% of salary for 2018-2019; and

·         A $30 increase in the District’s contribution to the cost of health insurance for 2018-2019.


In addition, I would recommend that we reinstate the master contract with PEA for 2018-19 year and that we enter into a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines changes brought about by our move to a four-day work week.


I believe that this package effectively provides a fair balance between the needs of teachers and the funding realities we face every year in public education in Colorado. I also believe my Board will support this.


I communicated this offer to the leadership of PEA this morning, and asked them to communicate it to you. It is my understanding that a survey has been sent to you by union leadership which is due by 4::00 today. 


I think you are entitled to know what we are doing to avoid a strike, a strike that everyone agrees will do more harm than good. I ask that you let your leadership know how you feel. Again, as was previously stated, I am committed to work toward a resolution.  I appreciate your dedication and patience during these difficult times. 


Charlotte Macaluso