Message Regarding Dept. of Labor Decision

Dear Staff,

This afternoon, the Department of Labor notified the District that it will not take jurisdiction of the dispute between the District and PEA and PPEA. We are disappointed in the Department’s decision. As you know, the Associations have been threatening to strike unless the District agrees to their demands for additional compensation for the 2017-18 school year.

I want you to hear directly from me about a number of things in the event the Associations follow through on their threats of a strike:
  • Your employment with the District will not be terminated solely because you participate in a strike.
  • If you participate in the strike, your pay and benefits will be suspended. It is not a permissible use of leave to engage in a work stoppage.
  • For employees who choose not to strike, report to work. It is the expectation that these employees will be able to report to an environment that is free from intimidation and negative pressure.
  • The District values you and agrees that you should receive fair compensation. However, we cannot spend money we do not have. The District receives the majority of its funding from the state, and a large majority of which already goes to compensation.
  • As you know, funding fluctuates from year to year. Next year in 2018-19, we anticipate being able to provide additional compensation to all employees. The resolution of this dispute lies in the future, not the past.
  • It is time to engage in courageous leadership in order to move forward. No matter what happens, I will continue to reach out to the leadership of the Associations to try to resolve this dispute as soon as possible.
We are aware that many teachers do not support a strike or are currently struggling with this decision. Clearly, a strike will have a negative impact on our students, community, and organization. I ask those of you who are willing to participate in a strike, to reconsider. Our students deserve to finish their school year uninterrupted and complete with all the joy and celebrations the end of a school year brings.


Charlotte Macaluso