Statement on PEA Strike Vote

We are deeply disappointed by this strike vote and clearly we do not feel that it is in the best interests of our staff, community, and most importantly, our students. Our goal as a school district has always been to provide a high-quality, safe learning environment.
Our students are already feeling the adverse impact of this situation. Corwin had to shut its doors today because of the large number of teachers who called in absent.
Unfortunately, many of our parents and families have expressed their concerns regarding the possible disruption to the learning environment in our schools. We will continue to do our best to minimize the loss of learning to our students and inconvenience to our families and community. Our greatest hope is that we can work with our teachers to resolve these issues and return to normal as soon as possible.
Even in light of this vote, Pueblo City Schools remains committed to working with our employee
associations to move forward toward the 2018-2019 school year.  Although the negotiations for 2017-2018 are closed—as was stated in the resolution accepted by our Board of Education—we remain committed to working in collaboration to provide the association a voice in the development of a budget that reflects additional compensation for employees, implementation of a four-day work week, and establish a contract for the for the 2018-2019 school year.
We ask that our staff continue to exhibit the level of professionalism and dedication that they have provided our students each and every day.