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Pueblo, Colorado is an international, multicultural community with a rich and diverse heritage.  People originally came to Pueblo seeking work and opportunities for a better way of life.  The steel mills, smelters, railroads and farms provided good jobs.

Located at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek, Pueblo has been an important crossroads for transportation and trading for more than 150 years.  Although it was the railroads and the coal and steel industries that acted as magnets for Pueblo’s early residents, the city has undergone a gradual transformation from  manufacturing to a services-oriented economy. 

Pueblo offers an attractive lifestyle to its residents with its low cost of living, excellent environmental quality and outstanding educational facilities.  The community hosts an extensive system of parks and beautiful mountain scenery.  Lake Pueblo, located five miles west of the city, provides excellent  boating, camping, fishing, and other water sports.  The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, numerous museums and the Pueblo Symphony offer many enriching  opportunities for those who enjoy the arts.

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Located in the southern part of the beautiful state of Colorado, Pueblo sits along the Front Range in what is now considered the state’s major growth corridor.  The city lies 110 miles south of Denver and 35 miles south of Colorado Springs.  The air is so clean that residents can usually see purple mountains which are only a short 35-minute drive to the north, south and west of the city.  Several major ski resorts can be reached within one to three hours of Pueblo.

Pueblo has a very mild climate with moderate temperatures throughout its four seasons.  Average temperatures are 68 degrees for a daily high and 37 degrees for a daily low.  Pueblo receives an annual average of 31 inches of snowfall; however, due to the moderate temperatures the snow does not stay on the ground for long.  Pueblo experiences about 300 days of sunshine each year.

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Temperature Averages (Fahrenheit)

Low High
January 14.7 45.5
April 36.9 66.4
July 61.9 91.1
October 37.7 67.9

Population:  105,548

's ethnic distribution
Caucasian 89659 Hispanic 49910
African-American 3438 Other 9207

Housing costs
Median home price: $90,000
     |     Apartment rent: Two-bedroom $684