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Balanced Assessment Systems

Balanced Assessment System

Division of Learning Services

February 2011


Assessment is an essential component of a standards based instructional system, which provides information about how well students are progressing toward mastery of Colorado Academic Standards and prepares them for college and career.

Belief Statements
  • We believe a balanced approach to assessment is an integral part of an effective standards based instructional system and is used to support the learning of all students through a multitude of strategies.
  • We believe that a balanced approach to assessment includes a continuum of strategies and organizational structure—including formative assessments, benchmark assessments, and summative assessments--administered in a consistently explicit manner and related directly to meeting the needs of students.
  • We believe that a balanced assessment system provides all stakeholders—including students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and policy makers—information about student data, student progress, instruction, student mastery of standards, staff accountability, and school performance.