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World Class Instructional Design and Development (WIDA) for English Language Learners (ELLs)

The WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) is the screener to assist in the identification of students in Kindergarten through 12 grade that qualify for English Language Development (ELD) programming. Federal guidelines indicate that at the beginning of the school year districts have 30 days to screen and place students new to the district with a primary or home language other than English. Throughout the remainder of the school year, this screening and placement determination must happen within 2-weeks of the student's enrollment.

Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State (ACCESS) for English Language Learners is a secure large-scale English language proficiency assessment given to Kindergarten through 12th graders who have been identified as Non English Proficient (NEP) and Limited English Proficient (LEP). It is given annually in to monitor students' progress in acquiring academic English.

Alternate ACCESS
The Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is an assessment of English language proficiency (ELP) for students in grades 1 -12 who are classified as English language learners (ELLs) and have significant cognitive disabilities that prevent their meaningful participation in the ACCESS for ELLs assessment. It provides educators with a measure sensitive to English language proficiency growth of ELLs with significant cognitive disabilities.

WIDA Model

BOY Aug 27 - Sept                EOY May 6 - 23