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#AEW2019: Teacher Appreciation

posted Nov 21, 2019, 2:17 PM by Anthony Sandstrom
South High School's Kathy Thomson, a 51-year teaching vet
and a previous Teacher of the Year recipient
Teachers are the motors that make schools run. They do the invaluable work of working with each and every student, helping them succeed to their fullest potential.

As part of American Education Week 2019, a national educational campaign raising awareness of the foundational role public education plays in America, it's an appropriate time to reflect on the endlessly positive impacts made by teachers around District 60. Remarkably, many District 60 teachers have logged 30 or more years of service. 

In all, 11 teachers in District 60 have put in 30 or more years with the district, including one, South High School's Kathy Thomson, who has logged an amazing 51 years with District 60, starting way back in 1968. 

If you know any of these long-tenured teachers, thank them for their tireless dedication to our community's kids!

Teachers with 30 or more years of service in District 60: Kathy Thomson (South High School) - 51 years, Lesley Alarid (Belmont Elementary) 33 years, Sandra Espinoza (Belmont Elementary) 32 years, Nada Filangi (Minnequa Elementary) 32 years, Terry McCanne (Belmont Elementary) 32 years, David Gavato (Columbian Elementary) 31 years, Rebecca Golob (Carlile Elementary) 31 years, Pamela Alfonso (Bradford Elementary) 30 years, Terri Pacheco (East High School) 30 years, Pat Laughlin (East High School) 30 years, Jay Mead (Centennial High School) 30 years.