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Pueblo County Chapter Colorado Teacher Awards nominee: Chris Markert

posted May 5, 2020, 6:14 PM by Anthony Sandstrom
In recognition of national Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020, Pueblo School District 60 is unveiling its nominees for the 2020 Colorado Teacher Awards from the Pueblo County Chapter. Nine outstanding teachers in District 60 were nominated by parents and colleagues, and endorsed by their principals. Throughout the week, we will tell you about these teachers, with the winners being announced Friday, May 8. 

Chris Markert, Physical Education, Irving Elementary
Nominated by Miranda Genova and Christina Benavidez

Chris Markert has been a teacher since 2001, teaching the 5th grade from 2001-16 at Somerlid Elementary, Heroes Academy, and Irving Elementary. Since 2016, Chris has taught P.E. at Irving. 

From his nomination letter:
"Not only is Mr. Markert our Physical Education teacher at Irving, he is also a well-respected mentor ... Mr. Markert demonstrates for each teacher the expectation and then allows the teacher to practice, providing them in-the-moment feedback."

"Mr. Markert is an extremely detailed and thoughtful P.E. teacher. He inspires critical thinking in students using his creativity. Mr. Markert includes rigorous science concepts into many of his PE lessons and asks open-ended questions to guide students towards making reasoned judgements that are logical and thought out."

"He differentiates skills within each activity to help each student feel successful. He gives them immediate feedback and models how to be successful so students are clear about what steps they need to take to progress to the next step in their learning."

"Mr. Markert encourages our students. He always encourages open communication and free thinking with students to make them feel important. Mr. Markert is enthusiastic, praises students often and recognizes them for their contributions."

"As the No Bully Implementation Coach at our school, he supports the students, staff, parents and community with understanding and recognizing and handling bullying."

"Mr. Markert is a dedicated teacher with strong personal standards for himself. He teaches students how to continue to be learners throughout life and helps them realize the consequences for their actions while setting them up for success."

"He models respect by speaking the language of respect in interactions with students, and by taking students' thoughts and feelings seriously."

Chris Markert is one of nine nominees in District 60 for a Colorado Teacher Award. Others include Marcia Griglak (Haaff), Courtney Lockett (Goodnight), Verla Hutchins (Corwin), Kim O'Connor (Bessemer), Janet Rivera (Franklin), Kerrie Studen (Beulah Heights), Kimberly VanHee (Central), and Kelsi Vigil (Highland Park).