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Pueblo County Chapter Colorado Teacher Awards nominee: Courtney Lockett

posted May 5, 2020, 10:34 AM by Anthony Sandstrom   [ updated May 5, 2020, 11:50 AM ]
In recognition of national Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020, Pueblo School District 60 is unveiling its nominees for the 2020 Colorado Teacher Awards from the Pueblo County Chapter. Nine outstanding teachers in District 60 were nominated by parents and colleagues, and endorsed by their principals. Throughout the week, we will tell you about these teachers, with the winners being announced Friday, May 8. 

Courtney Lockett, Kindergarten, Goodnight School
Nominated by Alison Selle and Heather Atencio

Courtney Lockett has taught Kindergarten at Goodnight since 2010, and she's also been a soccer and swim coach.

From her nomination letter:
"Courtney is a Pueblo and District 60 native who establishes a solid foundation of academic, social, and emotional skills that begin in her kindergarten classroom and continue on through the rest of the students' education."

"When you meet Mrs. Lockett, it is easy to see that the energy and excitement she has for her students comes out in their excitement for learning."

"Mrs. Lockett also does a great job creating a sense of community within her classroom. They know they are like a family, and are responsible for each other's learning throughout the year."

"Courtney Lockett employs her intrinsic knowledge of childhood development to the four, five, and six-year-olds who come into her classroom. She is very cognizant of the fact that since the day these children were born, they have been developing their sense of self and how they relate to the world."

"From the day her students enter her classroom, they are met with some of Courtney's mantras, such as 'there is no 'can't' in our room at all' and 'you don't have to be perfect as long as you try' ... Her philosophy is that this sense of independence establishes the confidence they need to think critically and work on their own later on."

"Mrs. Lockett has mastered the art of implementing tiered, differentiated instruction in each of her daily lessons for individual students. She believes in each of her students and their ability to learn."

"Courtney is always pushing for success. She models discipline and excellence for students by always striving to do her best as an educator."

"Courtney's students are constantly motivated to strive for excellence through rewards-based systems and constant celebrations."

"At a young age, students are great at seeing each other as equals. Courtney ensures that her students know that they are all friends. Each student holds a friendship for each other that is not different from anyone else. This respect for each other is taught through social skills in class."

"Her rapport with parents is fantastic as she makes relationships and communication a priority by continuing to attend sporting events, birthday parties and life events of both current and former students."

"Mrs. Lockett creates a safe community within her classroom for her students to grow and learn. Being the students' 'first teacher' is a title she is proud to have. She understands that the building blocks for a successful school career for students are built in her classroom."

Courtney Lockett is one of nine nominees in District 60 for a Colorado Teacher Award. Others include Marcia Griglak (Haaff), Verla Hutchins (Corwin), Chris Markert (Irving), Kim O'Connor (Bessemer), Janet Rivera (Franklin), Kerrie Studen (Beulah Heights), Kimberly VanHee (Central), and Kelsi Vigil (Highland Park).