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Pueblo County Chapter Colorado Teacher Awards nominee: Kerrie Studen

posted May 6, 2020, 4:11 PM by Anthony Sandstrom
In recognition of national Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020, Pueblo School District 60 is unveiling its nominees for the 2020 Colorado Teacher Awards from the Pueblo County Chapter. Nine outstanding teachers in District 60 were nominated by parents and colleagues, and endorsed by their principals. Throughout the week, we will tell you about these teachers, with the winners being announced Friday, May 8. 

Kerrie Studen, Intervention & Instructional Coach (4/5), Beulah Heights Elementary
Nominated by Markie Feltault and Charles Maglia

For nearly 30 years, Kerrie Studen has been a teacher in District 60, serving as a 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teacher, as well as an instructional coach. She has been an intervention and instructional coach at Beulah Heights Elementary since 2009

From her nomination letter:
"Mrs. Studen creates a community in her classroom that is based on honesty, kindness, responsibility, and accountability."

"Mrs. Studen speaks honestly with students and models self-reflection when lessons do or do not go well."

"She speaks kindly to students and encourages students to speak that way with one another, creating a safe environment for students to learn."

"It is clearly evident that the qualities Mrs. Studen displays leads to a classroom atmosphere where learning is taking place every day."

"Students come ready and are motivated to learn in Mrs. Studen's classroom. She creates a consistent daily routine that students know and follow well." 

"Mrs. Studen pushes her students to be self-reflective. Prior to returning to class each day, Mrs. Studen has students reflect on their behavior and determine whether or not they can clip up on their classroom behavior chart."

"When planning for professional development, Mrs. Studen ensures that the new learning is in small enough chunks so as not to overwhelm teachers, provides timelines for implementation to allow teachers a reasonable amount of time, and is responsive to feedback from staff members."

"Mrs. Studen encourages responsibility and accountability, qualities that are vital for students to become worthwhile citizens."

Kerrie Studen is one of nine nominees in District 60 for a Colorado Teacher Award. Others include Marcia Griglak (Haaff), Courtney Lockett (Goodnight), Verla Hutchins (Corwin), Chris Markert (Irving), Janet Rivera (Franklin), Kimberly O'Connor (Bessemer), Kimberly VanHee (Central), and Kelsi Vigil (Highland Park).