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Pueblo County Chapter Colorado Teacher Awards nominee: Kimberly O'Connor

posted May 6, 2020, 10:42 AM by Anthony Sandstrom
In recognition of national Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020, Pueblo School District 60 is unveiling its nominees for the 2020 Colorado Teacher Awards from the Pueblo County Chapter. Nine outstanding teachers in District 60 were nominated by parents and colleagues, and endorsed by their principals. Throughout the week, we will tell you about these teachers, with the winners being announced Friday, May 8. 

Kimberly O'Connor, Physical Education, Bessemer STEM Academy
Nominated by Jaime Schwab and Rebecca Bustos-Rivera

Kimberly O'Connor has been a P.E. teacher since 2000, coming to District 60 in 2007 after teaching in Massachusetts. In 2010, she was named the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation's Outstanding Educator of the Year.

From her nomination letter:
"Ms. O'Connor creates a positive learning atmosphere using many different methods. She develops positive relationships with the students of Bessmer Academy by taking the time to geto to know them and their interests. Her positive attitude is infectious and her expectations are high."

"She creates a feeling of community within her classes which allows all students to feel that they are an important part of her class."

"As students enter the gymnasium, all K-5 students are expected to complete the "Do Now" activity that is posted on the board. Ms. O'Connor challenges the students by posting activities that require them to solve problems that provide directions of what they need to do for an activity."

"Ms. O'Connor provides individual feedback that requires students to develop a strategy and make a plan to be successful." 

"Ms. O'Connor keeps students engaged and on task in every activity by providing multiple models of lesson delivery, including direct instruction, modeling, the integration of technology and allowing students to engage in their learning through communication."

"Every time you walk into the gym at Bessemer Academy, you can feel and hear the excitement of students participating in their lessons."

"Ms. O'Connor goes above and beyond for her students by creating relationships that inspire them to be the best bobcats they can be, leading by example."

"She remains calm, positive, reflective, and is a lifelong learner."

"She listens to kids and their experiences, allowing them opportunities to appropriately discuss their feelings. Ms. O'Connor does an amazing job creating a positive rapport with our students at Bessemer."

Kimberly O'Connor is one of nine nominees in District 60 for a Colorado Teacher Award. Others include Marcia Griglak (Haaff), Courtney Lockett (Goodnight), Verla Hutchins (Corwin), Chris Markert (Irving), Janet Rivera (Franklin), Kerrie Studen (Beulah Heights), Kimberly VanHee (Central), and Kelsi Vigil (Highland Park).