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Pueblo County Chapter Colorado Teacher Awards nominee: Marcia Griglak

posted May 4, 2020, 11:57 AM by Anthony Sandstrom
In recognition of national Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020, Pueblo School District 60 is unveiling its nominees for the 2020 Colorado Teacher Awards from the Pueblo County Chapter. Nine outstanding teachers in District 60 were nominated by parents and colleagues, and endorsed by their principals. Throughout the week, we will tell you about these teachers, with the winners being announced Friday, May 8. 

Marcia Griglak, Kindergarten teacher, Haaff Elementary School
Nominated by Sandra Montoya and Kathleen Lewis

Marcia Griglak has taught at Haaff Elementary since 2001, teaching 3rd grade, 4th grade and Kindergarten. She is also Haaff's math coach, its No Bully implementation coach, Peace Summit coordinator, PBIS chairperson, school beautification coordinator, social committee chairperson and a certified trainer for "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families."

From her nomination letter:
"She is warm and caring and works diligently to build a personal and positive relationship with every single student and their family."

"Mrs. Griglak does not view teaching as her "job" but as her responsibility to enrich the lives of children."

"She has a 'no-opt-out' policy in her classroom, meaning that she does not accept yes or no answers from students, and students are not allowed to answer with 'I don't know.' Instead, she uses probing questions and cognitive coaching to guide students to arriving at correct answers on their own."

"She provides culturally-relevant instruction while teaching her students to celebrate their differences. She has worked hard to build a truly supportive community within not only her classroom, but our entire school."

"Mrs. Griglak motivates her students to want to learn by providing a balance of strong academic instruction, cultural education, and artistic and creative expression on a daily basis."

"Because of her diligence in building relationships with each of her students, she inspires them to rise to her level of high expectation."

"She sets a standard of high expectations for herself and those around her which has proven to be contagious among our staff. Other teachers strive to reach the standard set by Mrs. Griglak."

"Mrs. Griglak brought the idea of implementing the Leader in Me/The 7 Habits of Happy Kids at Haaff four years ago. Since that time, with her leadership, we have created an entire school culture centered on our "7 Habits of Tiger Trailblazers" which we designed to meet thei social-emotional needs of our students while helping them develop and strengthen their leadership abilities."

Marcia Griglak is one of nine nominees in District 60 for a Colorado Teacher Award. Others include Verla Hutchins (Corwin), Courtney Lockett (Goodnight), Chris Markert (Irving), Kim O'Connor (Bessemer), Janet Rivera (Franklin), Kerrie Studen (Beulah Heights), Kimberly VanHee (Central), and Kelsi Vigil (Highland Park).