Preschool Eligibility & Application Procedures

Now Offering Full Day Preschool
Application Dates
(2019-2020 School Year)
June 25, July 2, July 10, July 18
9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Paragon Early Learning Center
3000 Lakeview Ave.
Entrance at the corner of Lakeview Ave. & Moore Ave.
(Please read below for more information)

2019-20 Preschool Application 

The Colorado Preschool Program is primarily a grant-funded program. We have a limited number of spaces available and cannot accommodate all families who apply. When families submit an application, they apply to the district preschool program, not to a specific school. If accepted, your child will be guaranteed a space in one of our preschool classrooms in the district. Acceptance is based on criteria which identifies children who face educational challenges due to family, economic, or developmental concerns, as well as need for the program as mandated by the guidelines set through the Colorado Preschool Program Act.

The application is an interview process conducted one-on-one with a district preschool staff member. All information is strictly confidential and used for the sole purpose of determining need/eligibility for the preschool program. The following documents must accompany every application in order for us to consider the application:
  • A copy of your child’s official birth certificate
  • A copy of the child’s immunization record
  • Official proof of residence (i.e., copy of lease or purchase agreement, a tax evaluation notice, utility bill)
  • Verification of income (i.e., earning statements for past 12 months, tax forms)
Age requirements:
  • Four-year old program (at most elementary school): Child must turn age 4 on or before October 1 prior to the following school year.
  • Three-year old program (at select schools only): Child must turn age 3 on or before October 1 prior to the following school year
For more information, please call Early Childhood Education at (719) 253-6016 or e-mail the Early Childhood Department at