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Exceptional Student Services

Welcome to the Exceptional Student Services Department. Our primary focus is to increase student achievement through continued improvement of instruction, curriculum, and standards using measurable data to support accountability and high expectations. We will do this by our dedicated, highly qualified professional staff working with students, parents, community and other educational resources.

Our purpose is to help exceptional students achieve their educational goals, while maximizing their skills and aptitude. A team works with parents and students with special needs to develop appropriate Individual Education Plans. We provide support intervention to assist these students in accessing and maximizing their instructional opportunities. We also assist our education staff in their efforts to strengthen educational opportunities for all of our students.

Currently, we serve approximately 2,000 students with emotional, intellectual, academic, or physical needs. These students are educated in the general education classroom with appropriate services and support. As the intensity of the student’s needs increases, a continuum array of service delivery options are considered.

The determination of the least restrictive environment is individualized, based on the student’s specific needs. When an appropriate education program is not available in the neighborhood school, we provide an educational setting and placement as close as possible to the student’s home school. If we can be of assistance, or you have questions about Exceptional Student Services, please call us at (719) 253-6024.
Thank you.