Early Access

Colorado House Bill 1021 provides the legislation necessary to allow highly advanced gifted students who are age four by October 1st to begin kindergarten, or age five by October 1st to begin first grade, if it is found that the student qualifies as both highly gifted and developmentally ready to begin school early. Please note that this option pertains to a small percentage of gifted students who score in the top 3% on both achievement and cognitive tests and require grade level acceleration. The early access process includes a portfolio and if appropriate, the administration of achievement and cognitive assessments.  Portfolios will be accepted up through the end of March, testing administered during April.  Decisions made by our Early Access committee concerning eligibility will occur by May 1st.   
Parents who are interested in the early access option need to contact the Gifted and Talented office or click the link below to request an application packet.  The window for requesting an application opens on February 1 of each year.  This packet includes requirements for submitting a student portfolio.  A pre-application conference will be scheduled.