Identification Process

State of Colorado Gifted Identification Process Flowchart
Gifted Identification Process Flowchart

Identification Process
A three step process is used to identify Gifted and Talented students in Pueblo City Schools.  A student may be referred for consideration by a parent, educator, peer, community member, or self.  A body of evidence is collected and an educational team has 30 schools days to make a determination of formal identification, continue to collect assessment data, or move to talent pool.  If a parent, student, or teacher does not agree with the identification decision, he/she has the right to appeal.  For a detailed process flowchart for a specific area of giftedness, please click on the area of interest:
Identification Processes (Spanish):
Screening Process
Step 1 - Referral
Referral forms can be accessed at each school as well as below:
Referral Forms (Spanish):
Step 2 - Collection of a Body of Evidence
An educational team will collect and review a body of evidence for a the referred student.  The body of evidence may include:
  • Assessment Results
  • Observations (Teachers and Parents)
  • Portfolio of student work
  • Performance evaluation
  • State/National Awards and Honors
  • Interview
Step 3 - Formal Identification
The educational team will recommend one of the following:
  1. Formal Gifted identification resulting in an Advanced Learning Plan
  2. Highly capable resulting in a "Talent Pool" designation along with differentiated instruction to ensure academic challenge and growth
  3. Student does not qualify at this time