Identification Process

State of Colorado Gifted Identification Process Flowchart
Gifted Identification Process Flowchart

Identification Process
A three step process is used to identify Gifted and Talented students in Pueblo City Schools.  A student may be referred for consideration by a parent, educator, peer, community member, or self.  A body of evidence is collected and an educational team has 30 schools days to make a determination of next steps to include formal identification, continuing to collect assessment data, or move to talent pool.  If a parent, student, or teacher does not agree with the identification decision, he/she has the right to appeal.  

A designated person at each school is responsible for collecting data to show evidence of the referred area(s) of strength.  This body of evidence may consist of cognitive assessments, achievement assessments, observation scales, and/or performance evaluations.  A team will look at the body of evidence and determine if it meets state requirements for identification into the gifted program and will make a determination.  Not meeting criteria on a single assessment shall not prevent further data collection of consideration for identification.

For a detailed process flowchart for a specific area of giftedness, please click on the area of interest:
Identification Processes (Spanish):
Screening Process
Step 1 - Referral
Referral forms can be accessed at each school as well as below:
Referral Forms (Spanish):
Step 2 - Collection of a Body of Evidence
An educational team will collect and review a body of evidence for a the referred student.  The body of evidence may include:
  • Assessment Results
  • Observations (Teachers and Parents)
  • Portfolio of student work
  • Performance evaluation
  • State/National Awards and Honors
  • Interview
Step 3 - Formal Identification
The educational team will recommend one of the following:
  1. Formal Gifted identification resulting in an Advanced Learning Plan
  2. Highly capable resulting in a "Talent Pool" designation along with differentiated instruction to ensure academic challenge and growth
  3. Student does not qualify at this time