Block Scheduling

As part of the community-led strategic plan, Pueblo City Schools is implementing a block schedule beginning 2008-2009 academic year. Block scheduling is being adopted as a way to personalize our learning environment at the high school level.

The benefits of Block Scheduling includes:
  • provides additional instructional time;
  • supports interdisciplinary experiences;
  • provides a vehicle to improve instruction and learning;
  • provides in-depth, uninterrupted experiences resulting in less lesson fragmentation;
  • encourages cooperative learning, problem solving, decision making, research, use of manipulatives, discovery learning and hands-on projects;
  • allows students more intense focus on subject matter;
  • better meets the needs for the different learning styles of students and the teaching styles of teachers;
  • provides the flexibility to coordinate special programs in academic and nonacademic subjects;
  • facilitates the use of the community as a learning resource;
  • eliminates unnecessary, unstructured passing times between classes;
  • improves attendance and reduces discipline referrals and the failure rate, and
  • provides increased individualized teacher-student interaction.

Block scheduling is a type of academic scheduling in which each student has fewer classes per day for a longer period of time. This is intended to result in more time for teaching due to less time wasted due to class switching and preparation.