Attendance Areas/Boundaries

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Boundary Changes for 2019-20:

School Boundaries
High Schools High Schools
Middle Schools Middle Schools
Elementary Schools Elementary Schools

Quadrant Boundary Maps
Central Quadrant North Quadrant
East Quadrant South Quadrant

Individual School Boundary Maps

Centennial (grades 9-12) Central (grades 9-12) East (grades 9-12) South (grades 9-12)


Heaton Middle
(grades 6-8)
Pueblo Academy of Arts
(grades 6-8)
Risley International Academy
(grades 6-8)
Roncalli STEM Academy
(grades 6-8)

Heroes K-8 Academy
 (grades 6-8)
Baca (grades PreK-5) Carlile (grades PreK-5) Heritage (grades PreK-5) Morton (grades PreK-5)
Belmont (grades PreK-5) Columbian (grades PreK-5) Heroes Academy (grades K-5) Park View (grades K-5)
Bessemer (grades PreK-5) Franklin (grades PreK-5) Highland Park (grades PreK-5)South Park (grades PreK-5)
Beulah Heights (grades PreK-5) *Goodnight (grades PreK-8)
Irving (grades PreK-5)
Sunset Park (grades PreK-5)
Bradford (grades PreK-5) Haaff (grades PreK-5) Minnequa (grades PreK-5) Sunset Park (grades PreK-5)

Notes: *Goodnight grades 6-7-8 are choice only;  Goodnight does not appear on the middle school map.
All grades for Corwin International Magnet School (grades 4-8) are choice only, so Corwin does not appear on any of the maps.
All grades for Fountain International Magnet School (grades K-3) are choice only, so Fountain does not appear on any of the maps.