Register New K-12 Students for 2020-21

An ONLINE registration option is now available!

Although our school buildings are closed, you can still pre-register your children who are new to or returning to Pueblo School District 60 for the 2020-21 school year.  Our online registration system collects the necessary information and provides you with a secure means for uploading scans or photos of the required documents without any in-person contact

If you live within the boundaries of District 60 and your child finished the 19-20 school year at a D60 public school, he has already been pre-registered for 20-21.  

If you have won or accepted a seat for your child through the D60 School Choice process for 20-21, then he is already registered to attend that school in the fall.

Is there a minimum age for enrolling?

You can register a child if he was born on or before Oct. 1, 2015.

If your child is too young to be enrolled for the coming school year and you are interested in District 60's preschool program, you can learn more about it and apply online on the Preschool Eligibility and Application page.


Do I need to register now?

No.  While online registration is a safe and convenient way to pre-register your child for school, you also have the option of registering your child in person at his designated neighborhood school when buildings re-open in August.


What school will my child attend?

Based on his primary home address, your child has a designated neighborhood elementary, middle or high school. Your "neighborhood school" is often the school closest to your home, but that isn't always the case. Please our attendance area maps to see which D60 school your child will be expected to attend.


What if I want my child to attend a D60 school other than his neighborhood school?

If you would prefer your child to attend a school other than his neighborhood school, you can identify the preferred school in the online registration application. This will add your child to the waitlist for entry into that school.  D60 cannot guarantee that there will be space available for your child at your preferred school, but many parents are successful.  If a space at your preferred school is available for your child, someone from that school will contact you directly before the end of August.


Please read the School Choice Information page so that you know what to expect and what your responsibilities are.


What documents do I need to register my child?

To register a child who is not currently enrolled at D60  public school, we ask that you upload readable photos or scans of:

  • your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID,

  • your child’s birth certificate,

  • a clear photo of a legal guardianship document, if you are not named on the birth certificate,

  • a mortgage statement or lease agreement, showing your name and current address, and

  • your child’s immunization record, if you have it on hand.


When you have your document images ready, you can begin registration by clicking the REGISTER button below.

If you
have questions or need further information,
please contact the

(719) 253-6014,

Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m.

to 4:00 p.m.

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