School Choice Information

Pueblo City Schools offers a full range of educational choices for families.  We offer neighborhood schools, IB magnet schools, STEM schools, and charter schools (learn more about your options here).

During the "school choice window" that opens for a few weeks every January, a parent may apply to have their child attend any other district public school in the following school year.  (Charter schools have separate applications.)  Applicants are accepted into a chosen school if space is available and with preferential consideration given to students who have a sibling enrolled at that school.  If a student is accepted into one of the chosen schools, they must attend that school during the following school year. Once the student is accepted in the choice school, the choice school becomes their "home" school, so if the parent wants to move the student out of the choice school, a new application will have to be completed during the next available choice window.

If you have questions, please contact us at 253-6014 or send an email to