Submit your School Choice Application

The extended School Choice Wait List Window for 2020-21 has closed.

School Choice: All Schools Kindergarten to 12th Grade
We can no longer accept new School Choice applications for the current school year.

If one of your children's current enrollment is creating a hardship for your family, please contact 719-253-6014 for assistance in requesting a transfer exception that will be reviewed by senior adminstrators and, if possible, approved.

If you wish to apply for a School Choice transfer starting in the 2021-22 school year, you will be able to apply when the School Choice Lottery window opens in mid-January of 2021.

  • One family, one application.  A parent can select preferred schools for one or more children on a single application.  Applications from current D60 families should be submitted by the designated "primary" parent.
  • School Choice is only for students who will be entering grades K through 12.  To apply for preschool, opem the Preschool Application webpage or call the Early Childhood Education office directly at 719-253-6016.
  • The School Choice lottery is not a first-come-first-served process.  Submitting your application earlier does not affect the outcome in the lottery, as long as it is submitted before the lottery window closes.
  • While we do our best for each applicant, a School Choice application does not guarantee enrollment in a preferred school.  Most schools have a limited number of seats available for new students.
  • If you need to make changes to an application that you have already submitted, please contact the School Choice team for assistance at the phone number or email address at the bottom of this page.
  • If you submit an application for School Choice during the initial lottery window, you will be contacted by the end of February with the results using the email address or phone number you provide in your application.
  • Students who win a seat at a preferred school give up their seats at schools they would have attended otherwise.
  • Parents will be responsible for providing transportation for their children if they choose to enroll them in a school outside their attendance area.
  • Students who do not win a seat at a preferred school through the lottery will be placed on wait lists for all of the preferred schools selected.  Many students placed on a wait list are offered seats at one of those schools before the beginning of the new school year.
  • To apply for a seat in a charter school, please contact the school directly or visit their website.