Helpful Information about School Choice

When is the School Choice Lottery window?

For the 2020-21 school year, the School Choice window opens on Monday, January 13 at 8:00 AM and closes at the end of the day (midnight) on Sunday, February 9, 2020. Completed applications that are submitted during this window will be included in the Lottery. Applications received after this window will are still valid, but will not be included in the lottery.

When and how will I learn the results?

You will contacted with the results of the lottery by the end of the day on February 27.  If you provided an email address with your application, a message will be sent to that address for each child for whom you selected other schools.  If not, we will try to reach you by telephone.

How do I get help with my parent portal?

Contact the Technology Services help desk at (719) 549-7111.

Can I put in a school choice application for a Pueblo charter school?

Charter schools do not participate in this program.  If you would like to attend one of the campuses of the Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences (PSAS) or the Chavez Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy (CHPA), please contact them directly and follow their application process.

What do I do if my child wins a seat in a different school for next year, but now I would prefer that he remain at the school he is attending?

When your child won a seat at a new school for next year in the lottery, he or she gave up any future seat at the current school.

If you won the seat in the school choice lottery and contact the school choice office within a couple of days of receiving the results notification, we can accommodate you immediately. If more time has passed, we can place your child on the wait list for the school he is now attending, which should help him win back the seat he gave up. Either way, please contact the School Choice office as soon as you can (at (719) 253-6014 or

What do I do if my child won a seat in a different school for the current school year and I want him to return them to our neighborhood school or go to a different school next year?

In either case, you should submit a school choice application to make this change for 2019-20.

I submitted a school choice application last year for my oldest child to attend a middle school on the other side of Pueblo. My second child will be going into the sixth grade next year. Can she go to the same middle school as her older brother?

If the middle school her brother attends is not your "neighborhood" middle school, then you will need to submit a school choice application to give your daughter a chance to win a seat at the school attended by her brother. If she doesn't win a seat at that school, she will be expected at your neighborhood middle school next year.

Successful school choice applications for one child do not extend to brothers, sisters or other school-age children at the same address, but having a sibling enrolled at a school does improve a child's chances of winning a seat there.

I live outside this district and my child is in fifth grade at Park View.  Do I have to submit a school choice application if I want him to attend Risley for sixth grade?

Yes you do, because your student is finishing elementary school and she would have to win a seat in sixth grade at Risley to enroll at that school.

I live outside this district and my child is a kindergarten student at Minnequa. Do I have to submit a school choice application if I want her to attend Minnequa for first grade?

No, your student may continue through fifth grade at Minnequa without completing another school choice application.

My child attends Goodnight K-8.  Do I have to put in a school choice application for her to continue there next year?

Students finishing elementary school (fifth grade) at Goodnight must win a seat in their sixth grade through school choice to participate in middle school at Goodnight rather than at their neighborhood middle school.  Goodnight students in grades K-4 and in grades 6 and 7 do not have to participate in school choice to continue attending that school next year.

If I choice into a high school that is not my neighborhood high school would that affect my student’s eligibility to play varsity sports?

Eligibility may be affected.  We suggest you contact the appropriate school’s athletic director before submitting the choice form.  For transfer rules, see

If I reside outside of the district, when is the latest my student can start school?

Pueblo City Schools highly recommends that all students begin regularly attending school on the first day of the school year.  Choice approval may be revoked for any non-resident student who does not regularly attend school at the beginning of the school year.

What if my child doesn't win a seat at another school before school starts?

The student should attend his or her current or neighborhood school for the 2020-2021 school year.

If I live outside the district and my child is withdrawn from school at any point, can he/she return to the school at a later date?

Withdrawal from school (including expulsion) results in the choice approval for a non-resident student being revoked.  Your child may return to the school if you win a seat at the school for him through the next school choice opportunity.

What if my student has special needs?

School and program placements for students with disabilities (IEP) and/or English Language Learner (ELL) needs will be reviewed and approved by the Exceptional Student Services (ESS) and English Language Learner departments.  If your student is on an IEP and has received an acceptance letter, please keep in mind that a staffing meeting may take place to review IEP to determine how the selected school(s) can best support the student’s success.

I have a question that isn't addressed above.  How can I get help?

For school choice or enrollment questions please call us at (719) 253-6014 or email