How to Apply

School Choice seats are not awarded on a “first come, first served” basis.  A lottery takes place after the school choice window closes to award available seats to applicants without regard to when they applied during the window.

Applications submitted after February 9 will still be accepted and can be considered during the subsequent wait list process should seats become available later. These "School Choice Wait List" applications are entered and submitted in the same way through the same system as the earlier School Choice lottery applications.

All parents/guardians wanting to submit a School Choice Application for the 2020-21 school year for their student should submit an application using the online school choice system by

  1. browsing to the District website –,

  2. clicking on the yellow schoolhouse button labeled “School Choice,”

  3. reading the information and selecting the option that matches the family's current enrollment situation.

Parents/Guardians with a child currently attending a D60 School will:

  1. Activate their Infinite Campus Parent Portal* if they haven’t already done so,

  2. Click the “Current D60 Family” button on the District School Choice application page,

  3. Sign into their parent portal and click the School Choice link on the lower left

  4. Confirm or correct basic personal, household and contact information,

  5. Confirm or correct each child’s data and select any preferred school choices,

  6. Add a new child they wish to enroll and choice next year, if applicable, and

  7. Press the Submit button.

A parent can select school choices for any or all of their children entering grades K through 12 with a single online application.

If a parent of a current D60 student needs to set up an Infinite Campus Parent Portal, he or she should contact the secretary at their student's school and request an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Activation Key Letter.  The parent can follow the setup instructions on the letter, using the unique activation key, to create a portal.

Parents/Guardians who do not have a child currently attending a D60 school will,

  1. Click the “New D60 Family” button on the District School Choice application page,

  2. Enter basic personal, household and contact information,

  3. Enter essential data about each child and select school choices, and

  4. Press the Submit button.

Parents/Guardians lacking the access or familiarity to use the online school choice system will be able to submit a choice application at the District 60 Administration building:

  • using a School Choice computer at the building, or

  • in person, with a staff person entering information for them

School Choice approval or Wait List notifications will be sent to parents on or before February 27, 2019, by email or phone call.  Parents/guardians will be asked to provide enrollment documents to the approved choice school as soon as they receive their approval letter to confirm their acceptance.