How School Choice Works

  1. Parents enter an online application for their children, identifying up to three schools for any child whom they would prefer attend a different school in the coming year.

    1. If the application is submitted by midnight on February 9, 2020, the selections will be entered into the lottery held later that month.

    2. If the application is submitted after that date, the selections will be added to those schools’ “wait lists” from which schools may later fill any seats that become available.  (Applications for any of the traditional high schools will be approved even after the lottery deadline, since they currently have many seats available.)

  2. When all of the applications received by February 9 are reviewed and processed, a lottery will be held to award available seats to as many students as possible in one of selected schools.

  3. Parents will be notified of the results using the email address provided in their application on or before February 27. If a parent didn't provide an email address, we will attempt notification by phone.

  4. Inaccurate or incomplete information on the application may invalidate any seats won or offered.

  5. If a child wins a seat for next year in one of the selected schools,

    1. the parents should contact that school promptly to arrange to complete the enrollment process,

    2. the child can attend the new school beginning in the fall until the next school level transition (elementary-to-middle, middle-to-high, or through the end of high school) if enrolled without interruption,

    3. the child gives up his future seat at the D60 school he would have otherwise attended,

    4. the parents will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the new school if they do not live in its attendance area.

  6. If a child does not win a seat at a selected school in the lottery, he will be added to the wait list for each selected school and will be considered for any new seats that become available before the start of school in the fall.

  7. Wait lists will be reviewed by schools during the rest of this school year and in August, when and if additional seats become available.  Schools will contact parents directly, at the phone number provided, if there is an opportunity for their child to enroll in the fall.  

  8. Children who don’t win or are offered a seat at a different school should attend their assigned school when classes begin in the fall.

Please note:

  • School and program placements for students with disabilities will be reviewed and must be approved by the District 60 Exceptional Student Services Department to ensure that the child's need can be met at the potential new school.

  • Any student expelled or in the process of expulsion may not be eligible to participate in the school choice process per Colorado law.  School eligibility requirements information can be obtained from D60’s Student Intervention & Support Programs Office at (719) 549-7175.

  • All transitioning fifth and eighth students who reside outside the district boundaries must submit a school choice application to attend a different D60 school.

  • A child may enter kindergarten if five years old by October 1 of the enrollment year.  Students enrolling in the first grade may enter if they are six years old by October 1 of the year of enrollment.  An official/legal document of proof of age shall be required for enrollment age certification.

  • If you believe you have special circumstances and wish to appeal the result of the school choice lottery for your child, you must explain in writing in an email to or in a letter mailed to
        Pueblo School District 60 School Choice Office
        315 W 11th St
        Pueblo, CO 81003

  • A final decision concerning the assignment of the student to a particular school of choice is subject to verification of complete and accurate information provided in the choice enrollment application and a determination that the school requested offers appropriate programs and is structured or equipped with the necessary facilities to meet any special needs of the student.