Bus Routes

All Schools  (Rev. 1-23-17)
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Individual Schools
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Middle Schools

Pueblo Academy of Arts (Rev. 11-16-16) Risley International Academy of Innovation  
Roncalli STEM Academy   Heaton Middle School  (Rev. 9-9-16)

K-8 Schools
Goodnight School  (Rev. 9-9-16)
Heroes K-8 Academy  

Magnet Schools
Fountain International Magnet School (Rev. 1-23-17) Corwin International Magnet School (Rev. 1-23-17)

Elementary Schools
Baca Elementary   (Rev. 10-10-16) Haaff Elementary (Rev. 9-9-16) Irving Elementary 
Beulah Heights Elementary  (Rev. 9-21-16) Heritage Elementary  Morton Elementary   (Rev. 9-16-16)
Bradford Elementary  Highland Park Elementary  (Rev. 9-9-16) Park View Elementary   (Rev. 10-10-16)
Columbian Elementary