Bus Routes

Summer School (2017)
Irving Elementary  (Rev. 6/14/17)  |   Roncalli STEM Academy

All Schools  (TBA)
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Individual Schools
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Middle Schools

Pueblo Academy of Arts (TBA) Risley International Academy of Innovation  (TBA)
Roncalli STEM Academy  (TBA) Heaton Middle School  (TBA)

K-8 Schools
Goodnight School  (TBA)
Heroes K-8 Academy   (TBA)

Magnet Schools
Fountain International Magnet School (TBA) Corwin International Magnet School (TBA)

Elementary Schools
Baca Elementary   (TBA) Haaff Elementary (TBA) Irving Elementary   (TBA)
Beulah Heights Elementary  (TBA) Heritage Elementary   (TBA) Morton Elementary   (TBA)
Bradford Elementary   (TBA) Highland Park Elementary  (TBA) Park View Elementary   (TBA)
Columbian Elementary   (TBA)