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Learning Services

Learning Services (LS) is dedicated to supporting teachers and administrators. Our goal is to ensure students in Pueblo City Schools have access to an equitable, excellent, and world class education. Our role is to guarantee schools incorporate and utilize the research-based practices and methodologies correlated to increased student achievement.

The LS department works closely with schools in the evaluation of current curriculum and instruction practices. We assist in helping building level administrators and teachers understand and embed the key components associated with increased student achievement.

Our department is committed to staying abreast on the latest research and understanding how the rapid changes of the 21st Century will drive changes in instructional practices for all classrooms across the district. Our students will be required to think, discover and access information vs. acquiring knowledge through traditional methodologies of teacher lecture. Our students will be allowed to demonstrate learning and understanding in a variety of creative modalities. As a department, we will ensure teachers and principals are equipped with the tools and support they need to make this happen so that ALL of our students have access to a world class education.

All students can and will achieve in Pueblo City Schools!

For additional information, the Assistant Superintendent can be reached at (719) 549-7158 or by e-mail at 

Suzanne Morey
Assistant Superintendent
Learning Services  
 Chris Elich
Executive Assistant