Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso
Charlotte Macaluso

Charlotte Macaluso is the superintendent of Pueblo City School District No. 60 in Pueblo, Colorado. With a focus on equity for all students, innovation and high-quality education, she has led the largest school system in Southern Colorado since February 2017.

Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso is a Pueblo native and has dedicated her 25 year career in education to serving the Pueblo community. She began her educational career as a teacher and instructional coach. She then went on to serve as the Principal of Spann Elementary and Risley International Academy of Innovation. In addition, she has served as Executive Director of Elementary Education and Federal Programs and Executive Director of Innovation and Continuous Improvement in Pueblo City Schools.

Superintendent Macaluso holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science/Elementary Education from Colorado State University Pueblo and a Master of Arts Degree in Diverse Learner from the University of Phoenix. She holds a Professional Licensure in Elementary Education and a Professional Licensure in School Administration/Principal as well as an endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) from Adams State University. Superintendent Macaluso recently completed the RELAY Graduate School of Education program.

Her career highlights include working to advance equity and improve outcomes for all

students by improving the quality of instruction and developing district systems that are

coherent and aligned to the District Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan outlines the goals

to ensure students are provided with the distinctive educational experiences that will

prepare student for college, career and a life of purpose and impact.

She was the recipient of the Administrative Leader of Reading Award from the Colorado

Council of the International Reading Association, 2005. Her expertise in literacy has

enabled her to serve as a presenter at various reading conferences in Colorado and the

nation. Charlotte has also served on the CO State Read to Achieve Board appointed by

the Governor. Involvement with the community is important to Charlotte Macaluso

therefore she collaborates with many governmental agencies, community businesses

and nonprofit organizations to provide the highest quality of education and care for


She has been married to her husband Mike for 23 years and has two adult children who

reside and attend college in Colorado. She is an avid reader and enjoys camping and


For additional information, the Superintendent can be reached at (719) 549-7103 or by    e-mail