Education Foundation, Inc.

Education Foundation, Inc.
Pueblo School District 60 Education Foundation Inc.

Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of the Pueblo School District 60 Education Foundation, Inc. is to seek financial support for the enrichment and improvement of the overall quality of life in our community through investments in educational programs that will assist our children to achieve their full potential

To this end the goals of the District 60 Education Foundation are:
  • To solicit the involvement of the Pueblo community –including the educational, business professional, corporate, and alumni communities - to provide educational enrichment opportunities for the children of Pueblo
  • To encourage the innovative professional development of the District No. 60 staff not ordinarily supported through regular funding sources
  • To facilitate achievement of the District No. 60 mission and its goals
  • To encourage student excellence and achievement
  • To recognize staff excellence
  • To serve as the vehicle for the facilitation of scholarships
  • To serve as a catalyst to equalize educational opportunity for Pueblo’s Children

You can support the
Pueblo School District 60 
Education Foundation
through donations payable to Education Foundation
D60 Employees may
take advantage of the 
Buck-A-Month Program with monthly payroll deductions
For more information, please contact:
Kerry Jones
315 W. 11th Street
Pueblo, CO  81003

Programs funded by the Education Foundation 
are not normally supported by tax dollars

Board of Directors
Voting Members

Dr. Henry Roman

Galen Santistevan-Feeback
Vice Chair

David Horner

Suzanne Ethredge
Tommy Farrell
Charlotte Macaluso
Mike Maes
Suzanne Morey
Dalton Sprouse
Taylor Voss

Non-Voting Member
Kerry Jones