The School District 60 Emergency Distance Learning Plan for Exceptional Student Services (ESS) provides for continued appropriate special education and related services to students with disabilities to the extent possible during the COVID 19 school closure with the granted flexibility to address individual student needs. The district’s ESS team will collaborate with school leadership, specialists, general education teachers, district administration, and parents to address and provide lessons that will help the student maintain the progress made on his/her annual IEP goals.

In SLD/Resource programs, the ESS staff will become co-teachers with the general education staff in the Google Classrooms to provide core academic instruction with appropriate IEP driven accommodations to ensure that the students are able to fully participate in the lessons provided. The ESS staff will communicate on a regular basis with parents (K-2) and with the students (3-12) to monitor their progress, provide clarity of the lessons, and to address possible needs or issues that may arise.

In Center-Based programs, the ESS staff will set up lessons to deliver appropriate instruction with
appropriate I.E.P. modifications/accommodations. The ESS staff will communicate regularly with parents to monitor student progress, address needs and problem solve issues that may arise.

In both program settings, the learning platform will be the Google Classroom. Accessibility may be obtained using a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or cell phone.

Special Service providers (psychologists, Speech-Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, nurses, etc.) will continue to offer related services to individual students based on their IEP/health plan goals/Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) to the extent practical and possible. The special service providers will communicate regularly with the parents to support student progress and to address specific student needs.