Heroes and Risley External Management Partner Information

Pueblo City Schools Proposed Management Partner
Selection Process and Timeline

Note: The proposed process and timeline is in development and subject to revisions based upon CDE criteria and stakeholder input.

October 2018

  • EASI Fair: October 8 - Introduction to potential State listed EMOs

  • Review State Review Panel Reports and recommendations

  • Collect initial input on school needs from Heroes and Risley school staff
    and district stakeholders.

  • Prepare State Board Presentation & Materials

November 2018

  • Start drafting EMO selection criteria

  • Initial phone conversations w/potential EMO partners

  • State Board Presentation: November 14-15
  • EASI Grant Submission

  • State Order Issued & Reviewed: November 27

December 2018

  • Stakeholder Meetings  for both School Staff & Parent/Guardians

  • Gather input from each school’s key community partners.

  • Complete conversations with potential providers and finalize list of EMOs
    that meet initial criteria requirements.  

  • Finalize Management Partner Selection Timeline and Process

  • Develop Management Partnership Request for Proposal Submission

  • Disseminate Request for Proposal Submission to identified EMOs:
    Thursday, December 20

January 2019

  • EMO Applications due to district: January 11 (Extended to January 16)
  • Stakeholder group reviews EMO Plan Submissions using criteria rubric

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Executive Director of Continuous Improvement and Innovation

School Principals from Risley and Heroes

2 Teachers from the Building Leadership Team at Risley and Heroes

2 Parent representatives, two from each school

Boys & Girls Club Representative

Pueblo Community Health Center Representative

CDE representative

PEA district leadership representative

1 additional experienced Innovation Zone Principal

1 PCS Board Member

  • Stakeholder Application Review: Tuesday, January 22
  • Select, notify, and schedule 2-3 Finalists for on-site visits in February

February 2019

  • Conduct 2 day Finalist Visits to include:

Day 1:

  • Interview w/ Stakeholder Group

  • School Visits and Walkthrough w/ reflection conversation

  • Community Forum

Day 2:

  • Superintendent/Cabinet interview

February 2019

  • Conduct 2 day Finalist Visits to include:
    Day 1: Monday, February 4
    • Interview w/Stakeholder Group
    • School Visits and Walkthrough w/reflection conversation
    • Community Forum
    Day 2: Tuesday, February 5
    • Superintendent/Cabinet review

  • Synthesize feedback from interviews, site visits, and community forums.
  • Superintendent recommendation and PCS board vote to approve EMO

  • Submit Finalist to CDE/ State Board for vote

  • Develop contract with EMO provider in conjunction with CDE

  • PCS Board approval of EMO contract

March 2019

Launch External Management Partnership w/initial focus on planning for 2019-20:

  • Minimum Weekly 1-2 day visits with district and/or each school (March-July)

  • Staffing, Hiring, Contracting of licensed and classified personnel

  • Determining outside agency contracts and programming (ie. Relay, ANet, IB, Capturing Kids Hearts, AVID, etc.)

  • Staff and Student Calendar and Daily Schedule

  • Assessments and Curriculum identification

  • Professional Development Planning

  • All Planning for 2019-20 launch

Management Partner Criteria to date

An effective EMO candidate should demonstrate experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive turnaround leadership and principal supervision and coaching

  • Resources and strategies to support recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and retention of staff

  • Facilitation of teacher professional development specific to building needs

  • Expertise in Special Education programming and differentiation

  • Knowledge of standards-aligned curriculum and assessments

  • Social and emotional support systems for students and their families

  • Knowledge of school reform models and programming

  • Strategic use of school budgets within a turnaround environment

  • Establishing and maintaining a positive student and adult culture