American Education Week is Nov. 18-22

posted Nov 18, 2019, 3:35 PM by Anthony Sandstrom
from Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso

This week, Nov. 18-22, is American Education Week, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the need to provide every child in the United States with a quality public education. 

Public education is the backbone of our democracy. Public schools, and District 60 schools in particular, are the foundations of our neighborhoods and the keepers of our community’s traditions. District 60 employees, no matter if they’re a teacher, custodian, bus driver, support personnel, food service professional, skilled trade worker, health and student service worker, security guard, technical employee or librarian, work tirelessly every single day to serve our students and our community to the very best of their ability.

However, some may not know their passion for our kids and our communities. That’s what American Education Week is all about.

In keeping with the spirit of American Education Week, if you know an educator, ask them questions. Ask an educator about their greatest accomplishment in education. Ask them why they devote their time and talent to make a difference in the lives of others. 

And most importantly, use American Education Week as a reminder to thank an educator for the effort and work they put forth each and every day, and that you appreciate the work they do!