Risley External Management Partner Information

Pueblo City Schools Proposed Management Partner
Selection Process and Timeline

Note: On February 13, Pueblo City Schools sought and received an extension to the timeline for the State Board of Education's directed order for Risley and Heroes. This is reflected in the updated timeline below. 

The Request for Proposal can be found on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System at the link below. 

Timeline revised as of February 14

October 2018

  • EASI Fair: October 8 - Introduction to potential State listed EMOs

  • Review State Review Panel Reports and recommendations

  • Collect initial input on school needs from Heroes and Risley school staff
    and district stakeholders.

  • Prepare State Board Presentation & Materials

November 2018

  • Start drafting EMO selection criteria

  • Initial phone conversations w/potential EMO partners

  • State Board Presentation: November 14-15
  • EASI Grant Submission

  • State Order Issued & Reviewed: November 27

December 2018

  • Stakeholder Meetings  for both School Staff & Parent/Guardians

  • Gather input from each school’s key community partners.

  • Complete conversations with potential providers and finalize list of EMOs
    that meet initial criteria requirements.  

  • Finalize Management Partner Selection Timeline and Process

  • Develop Management Partnership Request for Proposal Submission

  • Disseminate Request for Proposal Submission to identified EMOs:
    Thursday, December 20

January 2019

  • EMO Applications due to district: January 11 (Extended to January 16)
  • Stakeholder group reviews EMO Plan Submissions using criteria rubric

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Executive Director of Continuous Improvement and Innovation

School Principals from Risley and Heroes

2 Teachers from the Building Leadership Team at Risley and Heroes

2 Parent representatives, two from each school

Boys & Girls Club Representative

Pueblo Community Health Center Representative

CDE representative

PEA district leadership representative

1 additional experienced Innovation Zone Principal

1 PCS Board Member

  • Stakeholder Application Review: Tuesday, January 22

February 2019

  • February 13 - Colorado State Board of Education grants a 60-day extension to re-open the RFP process
  • February 14
    • Post RFP for External Management Entity
    • PCS Board Work Session - provide update on SBOE board meeting outcomes
    • Communicate SBOE update and revised RFP timeline to school staffs

March 2019

  • March 1 - RFP closes
  • March 6 & 7 - Stakeholder Review Days
  • March 11 - Finalists Interview Day 1: Stakeholder Group Interviews, School Visits, Community Forum (5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Administration Building)
  • March 12 - FInalists Interview Day 2: Superintendent’s Cabinet Interviews
  • March 12 - PCS Board Meeting: RFP External Management Partner recommendation

April 2019

  • April 10 - Present to the Colorado State Board of Education and request approval of External Management Partner(s) for Heroes and Risley
  • April 11 - Approve external management partner(s) contract at the PCS Board Work Session

Management Partner Criteria to date

An effective EMO candidate should demonstrate experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive turnaround leadership and principal supervision and coaching

  • Resources and strategies to support recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and retention of staff

  • Facilitation of teacher professional development specific to building needs

  • Expertise in Special Education programming and differentiation

  • Knowledge of standards-aligned curriculum and assessments

  • Social and emotional support systems for students and their families

  • Knowledge of school reform models and programming

  • Strategic use of school budgets within a turnaround environment

  • Establishing and maintaining a positive student and adult culture