FAQ - Strategic Planning

What is a strategic plan and why is it important?
Our Strategic Plan will serve as our road map to district and student success. It will include the best thinking of district leadership and Board of Education, and is based upon experiential information and data. Everyone in the district plays a role in the development of this plan.

Who is involved in developing the strategic plan for our district?
We strongly believe that everyone’s voice matters, and ask all of you to play a role. We will administer surveys to the community, to parents/families, to staff, and to students. We will also hold focus groups for the community and parents/families to provide feedback and direction in person.

What is the timeline for the strategic plan?

We are opening the survey and hosting focus groups in February and will work toward developing a strategic plan for our district this summer. We will provide drafts for community input, and share a final plan before the next school year.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?
Suzanne Morey, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services, 719-549-7100