Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to Pueblo City Schools Maggie Lopez photo
Each new school year is an exciting time for our Pueblo City Schools families and staff.  I am honored to serve as your superintendent.  I have been an educator in Colorado for many years, and I am committed  to the implementation of a very good strategic plan that will provide a world-class education for ALL students in our community.  The strategic plan created in 2007 by a representative group of educators and community members will require our district to utilize every human and financial resource to see it come to fruition.  This plan will hold us accountable to achieve world-class status in very difficult economic times.

My commitment to you as parents and taxpayers is that this school district will strengthen our schools so your children will be inspired to learn and to understand their potential in becoming skillful and thoughtful citizens who are equipped to play central roles in our community and our nation.  Student achievement is paramount, and we will align resources to ensure success for every student as measured by state, national and international standards of academic performance.

As we begin this school year, please know that it takes exceptional staff, informed parents and involved community members to create the best possible arena for learning.  This district will involve all stakeholders with transparency and professionalism in creating an environment that leads to success for ALL students.

Our expectation is that each student will work hard to achieve goals and make decisions about the life they want to lead.  They will leave Pueblo City Schools with a strong foundation and the ability to create a positive pathway for a successful future.

Our parents will be fully involved in the education of their children by making time to create a learning environment at home and praising their accomplishments.  I encourage parents to stay informed on your child’s performance in school, ask tough questions of those entrusted with their education and support school efforts in any way you can.  That might mean volunteering, participating in committees, and being a positive role model at home teaching children to find the joy of learning and the rewards of success.

This will be a challenging, productive and positive year for Pueblo City Schools.  Our staff, our students, our parents and the community have much work to do.  I am excited to be here and  to be part of this exceptional team.

Dr. Maggie Lopez